Top Companies in Welding Industry

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Lincoln Electric

A global manufacturer of welding products, including welding machines, consumables, and accessories.

Miller Electric

A leading manufacturer of welding and cutting equipment, known for their high-quality and reliable products.


A global company that produces welding and cutting equipment, consumables, and accessories.

Hobart Welders

A company that produces a wide range of welding equipment, from MIG and TIG welders to plasma cutters and accessories.

Fronius International

An Austrian company that specializes in welding technology, battery charging systems, and solar electronics.


A Finnish manufacturer of welding equipment, known for their advanced technology and user-friendly designs.


A US-based company that designs and manufactures advanced cutting and welding products, including plasma, laser, and waterjet cutting systems.


A German company that produces a wide range of welding equipment, including MIG, TIG, and stick welders, as well as plasma cutting systems.


A French company that manufactures welding machines, battery chargers, and body repair equipment.

Bohler Welding

10. Böhler Welding – A leading manufacturer of welding consumables, known for their high-quality filler metals and accessories.